Updates from around the neighborhood and community.

Yard of the Month – April 2017

Congratulations to Christine and Peter Hart our April 2017 Yard of the Month winners! They love living in Berkner Park and especially the people that make it a great place. Check out their wonderful home and yard at 1952 Eastpark Drive.

Yard of the Month – November 2016

Congratulations to Jim and Donna Buhr our November 2016 Yard of the Month winners! Donna was past co-chair of the BPNA Beautification Committee and is currently serving as Secretary. Jim also does a lot of volunteer work for the BPNA. Donna and Jim have lived in their...

Yard of the Month – October 2016

Congratulations to Robert and Lydia Kohler our October 2016 Yard of the Month winners!  Robert and Lydia have made Berkner Park their home for the past 28 years!   We appreciate your commitment to helping keep our community looking great! Check out their yard at 2039...

Yard of the Month – September 2016

Congratulations to Hilda Rodriguez our September 2016 Yard of the Month winner!  Hilda and her husband have lived in the neighborhood for the past 10 years.  Thank you two for helping make our neighborhood beautiful! Check out their yard at 1604 Baltimore Dr.


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