Updates from around the neighborhood and community.

Yard of the Month – August 2017

Congratulations to John Hunt our August 2017 Yard of the Month winner! John has lived in Richardson since 1973 and on Rainbow Drive for 30+ years. He is a retired insurance agent and horticulturalist, master gardener, and garden Writer.  Thanks for applying your...

Yard of the Month – July 2017

Congratulations to Olga Korobousskaya our July 2017 Yard of the Month winner! Olga is a retired educator and has lived on Sunrise since 2004. Check out her wonderful home and yard at 2121 Sunrise Trail.

Yard of the Month – April 2017

Congratulations to Christine and Peter Hart our April 2017 Yard of the Month winners! They love living in Berkner Park and especially the people that make it a great place. Check out their wonderful home and yard at 1952 Eastpark Drive.


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