Wildflower! Festival Party Patio

Each year the BPNA enjoys a private patio overlooking the entertainment at Richardson's Wildflower! Festival.

2014 Wildflower! Festival Party Patio

The 2014 Wildflower Festival was outstanding and so was the BPNA party patio. Three days of great weather, combined with fabulous bands and entertainment lineup, created ideal conditions for 75,000 people to attend this year’s festival according to city estimates. The BPNA did its share to help reach this attendance level by selling 200 adult admission tickets – a tie with Cisco for the most tickets sold by a group or an organization.  Our sincere thank you to those of you that bought festival tickets from the BPNA.

The party patio was available for enjoyment by all members for the final day of the festival. We estimate 60-70 people visited the patio to listen to music, visit with family and friends, enjoy some good food, and to take a little time to kick back and relax a while.  Many that visited our patio were first time visitors to the patio, as well as to the festival, and said they would definitely return next year!


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